Graphics Programmer

Real-time graphics programmer with a passion for developing new real-time experiences via games, VR and mobile. Expert in real-time graphics, game engine development, CPU/GPU programming and optimization. Up to date and excited about the future of 3D graphics and rendering.

Core Abilities

  • Low level, real-time systems programmer
  • Strong knowledge of Direct3D and OpenGL
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Passion for real-time graphics
  • Meticulous, quality oriented
  • Motivated, self driven
  • Focus on productivity and efficiency
  • GPU/compute programmer
  • Multi-core, SIMD programmer
  • Quick learner, excellent problem solving skills
  • Optimization and debugging skills
  • Simple, clear, maintainable code
  • Strong desire to learn and improve craft
  • 3d art skills


Google Inc

- Mountain View, CA

2014 - 2015

Graphics Programmer, Google ATAP

Keywords: Google ATAP, Spotlight Stories, Duet, HELP, 360 Video, Android, Rendering, Optimization

Motorola Mobility

- Mountain View, CA

2013 - 2014

Graphics Programmer, Motorola ATAP

Keywords: Motorola ATAP, Spotlight Stories, Windy Day, Buggy Night, Android, Rendering, Optimization

OnLive Inc

- Palo Alto, CA

2010 - 2012

Software Engineer, Game Services

Keywords: Developer Relations, Game Porting, World Travel, SDK Integration, Networking, Optimization

Intel Corporation

- Santa Clara, CA


Graphics Programmer, Project Offset

Keywords: Project Offset, D3D10, SSAO, HDR, Post processing, Anti­-aliasing, Refraction, Optimization

Maraizon International

- Sebastopol, CA

2002 - 2009

Senior Programmer, 3d Artist

Keywords: Real­-time Architectural Visualization, idTech3, OpenGL, 3D Modeling and Animation



Sonoma State University

- Rohnert Park, CA

2003 - 2005

Computer Science/Mathematics

Santa Rosa Junior College

- Santa Rosa, CA

2000 - 2002

General, 3d Artist

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